About the Department

About the Department

The Department of Educational Technology became a full fledged Department in the year 1976.  The Department  comprised of : Academic, Administrative and technical staff.  It has since its inception focused on training teachers on how to produce instructional materials for classroom utilization and instructional design.

In the first few years of its establishment it focused its attention on teaching through Closed Circuit Television, which became prominent in teaching GNS courses  all over the campus.  This feat in the recent times is manifesting itself  in the use of radio and multi-site teaching method for the teaching of the compulsory courses.

The Technical section of the Department covers University events like inaugural lectures, investigation panels and convocation ceremonies, a feat the Department  has  performed creditably for  many years.  The Department also has a Photographic Section where courses like Advanced Photography is being taught to the postgraduate students.  It is also worth mentioning that the Department houses a Language Laboratory where students in Languages (French, Yoruba and English) are groomed.

It works hand-in-hand with the University’s Distance Learning Centre to write modules courses for MBA. Students’ Workshops and Seminars are also organized from time to time to update the knowledge of both lecturers’ and students.  Recently, radio transmission and television beaming of University’s programmes has been joined to the many services performed by the Department.  In addition live broadcast of instruction to a large class is being perfected.


The Department of Educational Technology has the following basic objectives to achieve.

(a)        Provision of basic training in Instructional Technology for Teacher Education.

(b)        Design of instruction and training of students in the art of instructional material design selection production, and  utilization.

(c)        Provision of courses in Information Communication Technology (ICT)

(d)        Provision of Consultancy services for Faculty members and the University community in the areas of selection of media, production and utilization.

(e)        Production of  instructional materials and learning packages in form of still photographs audio Video, CD-ROM interactive packages

(f)        Provision of postgraduate training in all the above area.